Casa Club TV | Buy Spotify Plays: How to Boost Your Plays
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Buy Spotify Plays: How to Boost Your Plays

Buy Spotify Plays: How to Boost Your Plays

Recently streaming is becoming the primary means that music is being consumed, it is an essential necessity for an artist to buy Spotify plays in order to take full advantage of all the opportunities of getting more plays for your song. In the Music streaming business every streaming does count, thus there is an addition of 3 quickies you can instigate in case you do not have any already to assist in boosting the numbers of plays to your song.


If you give bloggers your songs for reviews or have them feature your songs on their website, it is means of getting more plays for your song. The links to your song are often included to the song being featured or reviewed, this motivates listeners to give a listening ear to the song they are reading about, even if it ends up being quick. The post on the review will end up being shared over the internet; this is a good means of publicity so that you can get to have new fans and followers.


You can pin embed links to your song on Spotify on the homepage of your website. It is important that you ensure that the link is easily accessible by new visitors for them to listen to your song. Research studies show that people tend to play a song if it is presented to them on a plate, they will not bother if all they have to do to get to check your song out is going through a news feed.


If you have the opportunity of having your song being shuffled daily around the world on many playlists, you will observe that over time your song will have boosted play counts. Ensure you apply to be featured on the Spotify’s playlist or if not, you can make a playlist of your own and have your song included. The more playlist featuring your song, the better it is.

It is obvious that on Spotify whatever amount you make is tied to your performance monthly. This is not just for the artist; it includes the streaming service and the publisher. This is among the reasons why you should buy Spotify plays.

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